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When I was a student, I visited a casino and started to play roulette.A middle aged couple came in and she started chatting to me.I ended up with my right hand hidden under her coat, and I fingered her arsehole whilst we all stood watching the band. I reached back and one of the girls guided my hand onto her pussy!Her skirt was hoisted up and my fingers were instantly on her bare pussy!Following on from the stragest places you have been wanked i thought id ask some of the strangest/naughtiest places you have fingered a woman or where a woman has been fingered?I fingered a woman at a rock concert in the crowd with 5 thousand people therei was seeing a lady few years back and we was around at her parents house for tea ine evening.needless to say when i got her home..fingers were not the only thigs that ended up deep inside her!!

Started playing with her leg, then she pulled her jacket over my hand and her legs, so I slid my hand up and started playing with her pussy.I don't think anyone even noticed..."fingered a lass with my tounge on the edge of the dancefloor at torture gardens as she sat on a cage that contained her fella if that counts....Dont want to be picky but how can you finger someone with your tongue??That was my first time of experiencing the delicious naughtiness of being fumbled in public, with the added thrill of the husband close a nightclub when i was about 19 a older married women come onto me and i fingered her as she rubbed my cock thru my trousers. she left at the end of the night with one of the bouncers so my fingering must have been crap lolfirehunk..... had a woman allover me in a club.of naughty touching and fingering happening all night.towards end of the night she kinda dissapears??seen her allover a bouncer as i left...wasnt going to get my head caved in over a bit of 'fluff' but damn was i gutted!!

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