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These figures are from the latest SEVIS by the Numbers quarterly update published in December.Unlike the Institute of International Educations Open Doors statistics, which are based on data collected the previous year and include higher education enrolment only, SEVIS data are real-time and encompass all levels of the educational system.The state in the Midwest with the most is Minnesota (541), while the southern state with the most Vietnamese students is Florida (1,052), followed by Georgia (606).There are a number of states with untapped potential such as Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada, South Carolina and West Virginia.In total the top 10 enrol 20,797, or 72% of all students from Vietnam.

All 50 states have Vietnamese students, ranging from six in Alaska to 6,151 in California and everything in between, according to the interactive 'Mapping SEVIS by the Numbers' website.

While quite a few Vietnamese students make the fateful decision to remain overseas either in the US or a third country growing numbers are returning home to participate in and benefit from a rapidly developing economy and society to their benefit and that of the US.

Dr Mark Ashwill is managing director of Capstone Vietnam, a full-service educational consulting company with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

As the most popular overseas study destination, US higher education is a brand.

This is in spite of a high visa denial rate over the summer for many universities, especially in the Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, and growing concern about personal safety as a result of the recent spate of mass shootings.

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The top three states host nearly half (47%) of all Vietnamese students, which means universities not located in one of those states have to try harder in their recruitment activities.

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