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“With online dating sites, you’ve got much more control over who you meet, rather than meeting people at random social events and so on.” Apps like Tinder and Badoo have been criticised for being too superficial and for encouraging a culture among teenagers where looks are more important than personality.The online dating expert strongly rejects this theory: “Whether it’s online or not, appearance is the first impression you get of a person.

Online dating expert John Seymour explains the phenomenon to that by having customised profiles, you can filter out people you have nothing in common with.He says: “If you want a long-term relationship, you shouldn’t date someone just because they live two kilometres away from you.You should find someone suitable for you.” According to, Sunday is the most popular day of the week for online dating, maybe due to an end-of-the-weekend-blues or simply because people have more time on their hands.She says: “You need to be careful because you never know who you’re actually talking to.With talking online you feel more confident but you can also be someone else.

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He says: “You’re likely to find someone more suitable for you online.

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