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I learned to tell the guys upfront about sickle cell, before I got too attached, so that when they disappeared, I wouldn’t have invested too much heart and time into them…lol.

I also learned that sickle cell helped me find the guy that was right for me, because it weeded out all the Incorrigibles.

At one point, I actually had a lot of self esteem issues related to dating because of my sickle cell.

I considered myself a “” girl, meaning that I could have a good relationship for 3-6 months but once a crises hit I could guarantee the guy was out the door.

The next day, he arrived for a date, complete with printed out information, questions, phone numbers and references that he had spent the day compiling.

He even called his Nobel prize nominee Uncle across the country to ask him if he could find a cure for me. His tenacity and dedication into not allowing me to be complacent about my condition changed how I dealt with sickle cell.

We estimate that the risk of stunting among children with the sickle cell trait decrease by 0.22 times the average number of malaria episodes prevented by the sickle cell trait, a substantial effect of malaria on stunting (p-value: 0.011, 95% CI: 0.044, 1).

I told him about 6 weeks into dating that I had sickle cell, and gave him a synopsis of what it was.I guess what I’ve learned is that I had to stop treating sickle cell like it made me inferior in any way.I am a wonderful woman, and until I accepted that about myself, I couldn’t have the relationship that I deserved.When I was in a relationship, I tended to overcompensate for being a sickle cell warrior, accepting shit that no one in their right mind would accept from a boyfriend.I felt that this was the only way to cover up my genetic fault.

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