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Atari Teenage Riot sings in the background; the new album is really quite good. Bands that break up and disappear from view; they’re never really gone. The second time I play the album, I sing along with Activate!Back after 10 years with a different lineup, they sound the same, but different. The philosophical drummer, the narcissistic lead singer, the flaky guitarist; they are still somewhere out there in the world, doing designer drugs in their luxury penthouses, or shopping for Maalox at Safeway in their flip flops. and it not-so-subliminally makes me think to look for the missing activation key on my Cisco ASA.

You can check the events viewer within tftpd32 to ensure that the phone is grabbing the necessary files and getting an ip address.If that is the case, just load version 3 (P00303010102), then load to version 5 (P00305000500), then jump to version 8.0.9 (P00308000900).To do this you have to download those firmware versions and just extract them all into one directory. Now download and place this file into your firmware directory. Next plug in the phone by crossover cable or ethernet switch to the computer you are running this server from (make sure you disconnect any device attached to the network which resolves an ip through dhcp, as this will conflict with any other dhcp server on the network). Power Cycle the phone and clear the configuration by holding down the # key and then plugging in the phone.Without an auto-provisioned tftp server address, the phone will only complete half the upgrade and come up with an error message of “protocol application invalid.” This just means that the phone could not complete the second half of the upgrade and needs the tftp ip address to be specified.Only problem is since there is no application running, there is no place to specify the address!

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  1. After downloading, extracting and running the Update Generator.exe, tick the boxes to select the operating system versions, Office versions and languages you require.