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Before I go on to the third film, let me interject: this “.That’ll teach me to listen to fan opinions without making my own, but it’s just a shame that this series gets a bad rap for the occasional – almost always subtle – introduction of real-world elements that wouldn’t have passed muster in Christie’s time.While the ‘nostalgia murder’ was rarely Christie’s strong point – popping up in such disasters as , for instance.(Incidentally, I wonder if these are becoming harder to film?There isn’t a dod actor in the bunch: quite literally every person brings their A-Game, but special mentions have to go to Helen Baxendale, who subverts her usually lovely presence by giving a cold performance as the housekeeper Mary Dove; Ben Miles as Fortescue’s son Percival; Wendy Richard (in her final performance) as a suitably slutternly cook Mrs.Crump; and the charismatic, Gillian Anderson-esque Lucy Cohu as Patricia Fortescue.Yet, I think this is a very solid adaptation: although Miss Marple has been added to the mix, we still get the novel’s investigator – former police detective Luke Fitzwilliam (Benedict Cumberbatch, shortly before his casting in typical. ) deaths in total, although several have occurred before the story begins, giving us the knowledge that a particularly audacious murderer is on the loose.

There are possibly too many young women with minimal differences in character, and because the connection between the murders has been hidden, it’s hard at times to keep track of how all the suspects’ lives interact.

I only object to loose adaptations when the primary aim seems to be the writer’s arrogance and laziness, resulting in the use of Christie’s characters and tropes for their own ends; that’s not the case here.) The deaths come thick and fast, but – I have to say – there was only one person I really suspected, and I turned out to be right.

Perhaps it was just because, with the number of disconnected deaths, it was easier to find one person around whom the other characters pivoted.

Here, Miss Marple meets Lavinia Pinkerton (Sylvia Syms) on a train, learning that Lavinia is off to Scotland Yard to report a murder (or, maybe, several).

When Lavinia dies , Marple attends the funeral and finds herself embroiled in a mystery with a wonderful array of stray ends – any number of deaths could have been accidents or murders, but no one can connect them, or provide motives for any.

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