Intimidatingly handsome

Dustin pounds Carter’s gorgeous ass just how he likes it, nice and hard. The smile on his face every time Marko plunged his dick up his ass was a telling sign. He pointed out that he had been living in the US Midwest had has shot a few scenes with a major gay porn studio State-side, but had recently moved to Toronto, facilitated by his dual citizenship.In this scene, Dustin Holloway and Marko Lebeau get it on. You wonder when a guy says he’s straight and then get fucked like there is no tomorrow… We figured this hot dude was a prime candidate to bring in to shoot, so we met up with him in Toronto last month and lined him up for a couple of scenes in early May.As Dustin stands at the rest stop urinal, he notices Derek Maxum head into the stall next to him and as Dustin is washing his hands, he sees Derek’s big meaty dick slide through a hole in the wall.Dustin isn’t sure if he should run or get on his knees but when he hears Derek’s deep voice command him to ‘suck it’, Dustin does as he’s told and takes the giant rod in his mouth.Dustin Holloway and Paul Cannon have been making eyes at each other all weekend, but so far they haven’t acted on it.As they strip down to their white briefs and step into the hot tub, they trade a knowing glance.As Skyy approaches, he asks if Dustin needs a helping hand and reaches down to feel the stud’s hard dick.

Paul, with his dirty-blond hair slicked back, leans in and locks lips with dark-haired Dustin.

Dustin loves to have his ass eaten and fucked and Johnny was the person that wanted to the most so we get to watch it happen.

Johnny starts by eating Dustin’s pink hole and teasing it with his cock.

As Dustin sits in the office chair, Austin undoes his belt and pulls out his monster cock.

In the third part of this steamy series Carter Dane and Dustin Holloway work up a hot sweat as Carter rides Dustin’s rock hard cock. Dustin Holloway contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we would be interested in shooting with him.

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Dustin Holloway is still on the hunt for the sex crazed men in town and is excitedly pleased when he runs into Teddy Torres.

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