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Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has apologised after it removed the dating systems used by the Republic of China (ROC) – Taiwan’s government – from old newspaper clippings at a music exhibition.

The department explained in a response to local media on Wednesday that the removal of the dates was done in order to accommodate the sizes of exhibition boards – and not out of any political consideration.

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the best feature is the timeline, showing the frequency of stories about the search terms, plus you can narrow it down to free archives.

The number of newspapers seems limited at the moment - but check this for example - the Sydney Morning Herald on the fall of Hong Kong:

Several specialised press cuttings files are held, one example being selected items relating to public works for the period 1945 to 1974. HKPL: Here's a list of the English-language newspapers in their collection, and the years they have available for each of the three different formats.

Last March, it faced criticism after allegedly demanding that a member of a theatre company who graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts remove the word “national” from his biography.

The Hong Kong Federation of Taiwan Universities Alumni Association called the move an “insult”, and claimed the LCSD had no knowledge of Chinese history and cross-strait political relations.

id=e2AQAAAAIBAJ&sjid=_JQDAAAAIBAJ&pg=7261,6902738&dq=hong kong war japan&hl=en I've discovered this new link over the weekend for Singapore papers/Straits Times.

Until recently you could only access small thumbnails of news, but now you can see the whole thing, although [unlike the HK newspapers] you cannot copy or download the pages. Liz Michael, I just tried the Library's Advanced Search and it's working ok here.

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Some are in specific, single-newspaper collections. Eg the fall of Hong Kong in 1941 is covered in issues of The Winnipeg Tribune from that period.

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