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There are many horror stories relating to Kiwis being tricked by Thai girls, but there are also many success stories.The Buddhist temple in Christchurch is well attended by Thai women who have Kiwi or European husbands.

There has also been excessive immigration of women from Germany, Canada and the USA, who are believed to have stated their ethnicity as ' European' or perhaps 'African', although while there was a surplus of 'European' women, there was not of Africans.

So, while Thai women are not the only problem, they are the individual group claimed to be contributing most to the problem. Paul Callister of the Labour Department, this situation could be connected to the changing labour needs of the country.

As he says, "when we had a lot of tree cutting we had more men than women".

New Zealand is attracting the immigration of beautiful young Thai women seeking husbands, and the women of New Zealand don't like it.

In fact, the problem is fairly serious one that should not be made light of, since the influx of women from Thailand is leading to an increase in the number of single or sole mothers, there being insufficient marriageable New Zealand men to go round.

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