A general history of the pyrates online dating

These other operations often remained blissfully unaware that they were dealing with impostors.

After all, the outlaws helped themselves to the very devices—affidavits, bills, forms, contracts—that are supposed to guarantee legitimacy in modern capitalism.

An episode generally began when a legitimate company licensed a factory to manufacture its goods; the brandjackers who stood behind the factory would then take the documentation involved in the license, duplicate it, and redeploy it in order to recruit other plants.Over time, it had produced an entire range of consumer products, from MP3 players to lavish home theater systems.These goods were of high quality, with warranties emulating NEC’s own (in fact, the conspiracy came to light only when users tried to exercise their warranty rights by contacting NEC).Some found this ominous, because of what it implied about knowledge in general in the networked world.Others acknowledged those implications but were only too happy to profess that they found them appealing: here was a gigantic corporation coming a cropper at the hands of unbranded outlaws who had proved themselves faster, nimbler, The Net’s echo-chamber amplified the incident into a symbol of every cultural fear, epistemic doubt, and libertarian dream suggested by the digital age.

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To manufacture them the impostor multinational had signed royalty arrangements with more than fifty businesses scattered through China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, at least some of which seemed to believe they were working for the real NEC.

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